Commercial Drain Services

What is Hydro-Excavation

Instead of manual or mechanical digging methods, hydro excavation uses pressurized water to break up soil, which virtually eliminates any risk of underground utility damage. Atlantic Drain Service choose the hydro excavation process because it is safe, fast, precise excavations that require less backfill, labor, restoration, and has less environmental impact than traditional excavation techniques. [...]

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Commercial Storm Drains & Catch Basins

What is a storm drain? A storm drain, also called a catch basin, is crucial part of a drainage system intended to hold excess water from a heavy downpour or even flooding. You can commonly find storm drains in city drainage and sewer systems, however, they can be installed in roofs of buildings and homes. [...]

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Importance of Cleaning Grease Traps

Routine cleaning of your restaurants grease traps in crucial to prevent major problems from occurring and for your restaurant equipment to run smoothly. Everything removed from the grease traps needs to be appropriately disposed of in an ecologically friendly way. This is why it is necessary to hire Atlantic Drain Service of Roslindale, MA who [...]

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