Commercial Storm Drains & Catch Basins

What is a storm drain?

A storm drain, also called a catch basin, is crucial part of a drainage system intended to hold excess water from a heavy downpour or even flooding. You can commonly find storm drains in city drainage and sewer systems, however, they can be installed in roofs of buildings and homes. A storm drain facilitates the draining of excess water from streets, driveways and roofs. Storm drains also accumulate leaves, trash and other debris, which can cause them to get clogged.

Atlantic Drain Services located in Roslindale MA serves Boston MA for commercial drain services. To avoid flooding, storm drains should be regularly cleaned and maintained and Atlantic Drain Services is the right company to do it. Atlantic Drain Services provide commercial storm drain or catch basin inspection, cleaning and maintenance services. Call to schedule routine maintenance of your storm drain.

How storm drains work?

After a heavy downpour, flat areas in a city or town, sidewalks, parking lots, streets, and parks are likely to flood which can cause damage and delay. Gutters also deposit a great deal of water into these areas during a heavy rainfall. To prevent flooding, storm drains are installed on both sides of a street at the lowest point of the thoroughfare where water would logically accumulate. As a rule, the catch basin or storm drain which is actually a giant pipe, is covered with a large grille or grate cover also called a curb inlet.

Storm drains or catch basins are intended to prevent garbage and debris from getting into the sewer system and clogging drain pipes. In the fall seasons leaves are a big problems because they quickly clogged the drains causing backups, puddles of water and  in extreme causes street flooding during a heavy downpour.

Like storm drains on streets, the drains in the roofs of homes and buildings operate in the very same process. Large flat roofs require a storm drain to remove trapped water on the roof. The weight of excess water on a flat roof can damage the structure during and after a heavy rainfall. The problem can be averted by installing drains to remove the water that goes into the storm drain or catch basin and depositing it to the town sewer system. Storm drains in homes or commercial buildings also collect trash and leaves and could easily fill up and cause backups and even flooding.

How to maintain and repair a storm drain?

To prevent storm drains from filling up they should be subjected to regular inspection and maintenance. In fact, the EPA decrees that there should be an annual inspection performed on catch basins to find out if they require cleaning. Proper storm drain or catch basin maintenance entails periodic grate or grille cleaning and regular cleaning of the basin’s bottom.

Atlantic Drain Services provides emergency or regular catch basin inspection, cleaning and maintenance for homes, commercial buildings or municipalities.

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