Importance of Cleaning Grease Traps

Routine cleaning of your restaurants grease traps in crucial to prevent major problems from occurring and for your restaurant equipment to run smoothly. Everything removed from the grease traps needs to be appropriately disposed of in an ecologically friendly way. This is why it is necessary to hire Atlantic Drain Service of Roslindale, MA who will properly dispose of the trap waste at a licensed facility where the grease will be recycled.

There are numerous possible hazards that can occur if a kitchens restaurant equipment is not properly taken care of.  Grease trap interceptors do exactly as described, the specifically designed box is meant to trap grease to prevent it from draining into public waste systems or septic tanks, where it can clog the lines and cause all kinds of damage in the sewer system.

Just as if you were home, you would not dispose of bacon grease down your kitchen sink. The oily waste collected by the grease trap interceptors is mostly fat, and is not safe to dispose of using basic procedures. The fat does not decompose easily, which means during the decomposing process, it gives off toxic bacteria into the air that produces a harmful environment that is unhealthy for everyone. Because restaurants have greater capacity and quantities of grease waste than your home, cleaning is required more often.

Atlantic Drain Service of Roslindale, MA clean industrial and commercial grease traps in Boston, MA and towns in a 15 miles radius. Call 617-442-7020



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