Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Winter is coming and in New England that means freezing cold temperatures for the next couple of months. The cold and wind chill combined can easily create frozen and burst pipes! When water in the pipe freezes it expands, blocking the line creating excessive pressure throughout the system. It does not matter matter what your pipes are made of,  plastic, copper or steel even a tiny crack can unleash more than 250 gallons of water in a single day! Causing not only high repair costs but damage throughout your home!

Minimize the risk of frozen pipes, and help prevent damage and expensive repairs with these tips:

Prevention Tips

  • Heat the uninsulated pipes by opening cabinet doors under sinks and in storage areas.
  • Allow a trickle of hot and cold water to drip overnight; but if the water line is to a drain line exposed to the cold that line could freeze.
  • Use heat tape or thermostat controlled heat cables on pipes in areas exposed and prone to freezing, for example garages or crawl space.
  • During the winter months, make sure the heat is turned on in your home or building and set no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

If pipes have already begun to freeze follow these tips:

  • Shut off the water main to reduce pressure on frozen pipes and minimize flooding if the pipes burst.
  • If the pipes are exposed use a hair dryer to thaw the ice blockage (Do not use an open flame to thaw!) If frozen pipes are not visible, contact a professional!
  • If you currently notice slower water flow and expect frozen pipes, you should call a plumber immediately. Typically, issues like this can be resolved before any damage occurs.



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