Problems With Your Clay Drain Pipes

Back in the mid 1800s until about 1960, clay drainage pipes were the pipe of choice from in the Boston area. Over the years these pipes have been replace however there are still miles of clay/ceramic pipes that are causing a lot of trouble for residential and commercial drains.

At one end of a clay pipe is an expanded “bell” hub at one end. The end of  this pipe fits snugly into the bell end of the next pipe, making a joint. These joints are where lots of problems occur.

One problem is tree roots growing and causing blockage in the clay pipe. The best way to find the tree root is using a camera in your drainage line. Atlantic Drain Services uses camera for video inspection on commercial and residential tree root blockage.

Roots can grow into the pipe through the joint. One of them best ways to find the roots in your ceramic pipe is to have us come out and Camera your drainage line. We can tell you if it’s an easy fix or a major problem like a collapsed ceramic pipe.

Another problem is blockage within the pipe, causing pressure to build up in the pipe and forcing water out of the joint where the pipes fit together. If you have a blockage in your line Atlantic Drain Services can come and remove the blockage by snaking the pipe.  The blockage in the clay/ceramic drain pipe can be any number of items anything. People tend to forget that only liquid waste, human waste, and toilet tissue can go down a sewer line without causing damage. Regardless if your pipes are Ceramic or the updated PVC pipes certain products should not ever go your drain!

Beantown drains can come out and assess what your best option is, replacement is not always the best answer.

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