Tree Roots Ruin Residential Drains

Trees are a great addition to any yard, they are great for creating privacy and shade  but their roots can cause extensive damage to your pipes.  Your sewer pipes are filled with water, nutrients and oxygen-everything trees need to grow!  Tree root blockage is one of the most expensive sewer maintenance items experienced by Atlantic Drain residential customers.

How Tree Roots Get There:

Warm water inside your pipes causes vapor to escape to the cooler soil surrounding the pipes attracting the tree roots to start growing towards the vapor. At this point your pipes are already cracked or a have a loose joint. Once the tree roots reach the crack or loose joint, they will grow through the opening to reach those nutrients and moisture inside. Once inside the pipe, the roots will continue to grow, and if not stop soon, they will eventually completely fill the pipe with a net of root masses. This “net” then catches household fats, oils, grease, grit (FOGG), tissue paper, and other debris discharged from the residence.

Signs Tree Roots Are In Your Drain:

Slowly flowing drains are one sign that your residential drain system is having a problem due to tree roots. If you drain is affected by tree roots your toilet bowl will make a gurgling noise as the water slow flows down the drains. If  nothing happens when you are using your drain then a complete blockage has occurred.

These roots that are taking over your drain will continue to grow and will expand while putting great pressure on those already fragile cracks and/or joints where they entered the pipe. Eventually the pressure and force on your already weak pipes will break them and could results in a total collapse of the pipe!

Before tree blockage ruins your drains and pipes call the experienced drain technicians at Atlantic Drain Services at 617-442-7020 today!

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