Winter Plumbing Tips

Tip #1: Avoid Frozen Pipes

The most common winter plumbing problem is frozen pipes. When temperatures drop let lukewarm water drip from your faucets overnight because moving water can’t freeze.

Tip #2: Get Good Insulation

Invest in  the time and money to have your home properly insulated. The benefits of insulation not only your heating system, but also your plumbing! Insulation keeps pipes from freezing, which can lead to long-term problems.

Tip #3: Watch Out For Snow

The best thing to do is when it snows, clear the area around the drain with a shovel before the snow starts melting. Don’t risk ruining your home and other belongings—call Air Plumbing & Heating Solutions if you think this is the cause of your flooded basement!

Tip #4: Get An Inspection.

We like to think the best repair is good prevention. Contact Atlantic Drain Services for a full inspection.

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